AIMI Survey Summary Reports to October 2013

AIMI surveys provide information on the production, sales, planting and on-farm stocks of wheat, barley, oats and maize grains in New Zealand.  This very useful information is based on a survey of approximately 120 arable farmers nationally and includes details of planting intentions for wheat, barley and oats. Separate information for maize is also recorded. AIMI statistics are distributed by the NZFMA office to NZFMA members in PDF form and are also kept in the members’ section of this website under Quarterly and Annual Statistics as appropriate. These statistics may also be reached by clicking this link to the AIMI website: // The link also provides additional AIMI quarterly data going back to September, 2010, plus information on international grain pricing and trends. The summary report below is for ANNUAL maize areas and volumes as at 1 June 2013. It also contains information on the 2013 harvest […]