Annual Feed Production Statistics 2014

These statistics report total tonnages of manufactured animal feed and tonnages of raw materials used in compound feed production in New Zealand¬†for the year ending December 2014. 2014 Annual Feed Production Statistics  

AIMI Survey of Cereal Areas & Volumes, and Maize Areas and Volumes – October 2014

AIMI survey report and summary to 1 July 2014

AIMI Maize Survey to June 2014

AIMI Survey of Cereals Areas and Volumes – April 1 2014

Please find below a link to the AIMI survey to 1 April 2014, received from FAR in May 2014. ¬† A short summary of the data is as follows: At 1 April 2014: The estimated total tonnages of feed wheat (290,000 t) and feed barley (340,000 t) harvested in 2014 are slightly less than the previous two years. Feed wheat tonnage is estimated to be down by 6% and feed barley down by 1%, as compared to the 2013 harvest. This is a reflection of two factors: (1) an estimated 2% decrease in the harvested areas of both feed wheat and feed barley as compared to the previous year; and (2) a drop in the average yield of feed wheat crops in 2014 compared to the exceptionally good 2013 harvest (8.9 t/ha in 2014 and 9.4 t/ha in 2013), and […]