Michael Brooks

Michael is the Executive Director of NZFMA. He also holds the same role for the Poultry Industry Association of NZ (PIANZ) and the Egg Producer’s Federation of NZ( EPFNZ). He has held these roles since 2002. Michael has a law degree from Otago University and a Diploma in Human Resources Management from Victoria University. He […]

Derek Willats

Derek Willats, National Manager for Mainfeeds, is an industrial engineer who ended up making animal feed. But it’s not as unusual as it might seem – he grew up in a family with milling operations that made not only food for livestock and game animals (this was in South Africa), but also maize meal, a […]

John Russell

John Russell, GM Agriculture and Supply at Tegel Foods, loves being outdoors and on farms. He has spent lots of time on extended family and friends’ beef and sheep farms in Canterbury and Otago, as well as the odd spell as a relief milker on North Island dairy farms. John has had three stints on […]

Maitland Manning

Maitland Manning, National Industry Support Manager at NZ Pork, grew up on a farm in the Wairarapa and retained his affinity for farming all his life. “Whenever there was an opportunity to work in the primary industry sector, I jumped at it,” he says. His career since he completed a BSc in zoology at the […]

Tyler Stuthridge

Tyler Stuthridge, South Island Regional Manager at SealesWinslow, came to the feed mill business via engineering. Tyler was born and bred in Ashburton and completed his training at local business, RX Plastics. He joined SealesWinslow in Ashburton as an engineer in May 2013. Three years later, he was offered the role as Operations Manager at […]

Warren Morritt

Warren Morritt, Managing Director of the Intelact Group of Companies (which includes Nutrinza), had what can be called a “total immersion” in animal nutrition when he managed a zero-grazing dairy farm in Saudi Arabia with 4,000 head of cattle. Warren grew up on a dairy farm near Thames and completed a B.Agr. degree at Massey […]

Haden Shaw

Haden Shaw, General Manager of Planning and Feed Milling at Ingham’s, has spent over 20 years working for Ingham’s in New Zealand and Australia. In his current role, he looks after all farming and production planning functions within the Ingham’s poultry network. He also oversees the Ingham’s feed mill in Mount Maunganui. Haden started at […]

John Clark

John Clark is the Mill Manager at the Farmlands Nutrition feed mill in Rolleston, Christchurch. As a co-operative with a diverse range of business areas, Farmlands provides rural services and supplies to New Zealand farmers, including animal nutrition. The co-operative has two feedmills in Rolleston and Winton, and contract manufacturers in the North Island. Dairy […]

Greg Aspinall

Greg Aspinall is the Environment Lead and North Islands sales manager for Agrifeeds. With a background in the dairy and compound feed industry, Greg’s move to Agrifeeds in 2018 was a natural step. He was particularly interested in taking on the newly created role of Environment Lead as he believes sustainability is key to the […]