NZFMA Feed Statistics to March 2017 Q1 2017 – Executive Summary

AIMI Survey of Cereal Areas and Volumes 1 April 2017

AIMI Survey of Maize Areas & Volumes October 2016

Why chicken litter is not the source of velvet leaf infestation

There has been commentary recently, particularly in the Waikato area and in the South Island, about velvet leaf infestation. Some parties have attempted to put the blame for its appearance on farms on use of chicken litter or any fertiliser sourcing from meat chicken or layer hen farms. The argument being used by certain parties is that viable weed seeds from imported grains which allegedly contain velvet leaf survive the milling process and then are spread when the litter or fertiliser using layer faeces is spread on  properties, particularly arable farms. Below is a flow chart setting out the process that is followed by feed mills, and written information in italics. The key requirement is to ensure that viable seeds do not survive the milling process. The non-viability is achieved by grinding the grains and /or applying a heat treatment process. […]

Annual Feed Production Statistics for the year ending December 2015

These are Executive and Complete Summaries of the total tonnages of manufactured animal feed and tonnages of raw materials used in compound feed production in New Zealand for the year ending December 2015. Annual Feed Production Statistics – 2015- revised (3) Complete[/box_dowmload]        

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