Craig Noonan

Craig Noonan, General Manager of Methven Advanced Feed, comes from a long family history of farming and agricultural support services. Craigs entire career has been in the agricultural sector and believes in driving farmgate production to increase the profitability for farmers, so they can achieve a return-on-investment by doing things right.

Craig gained particular interest in animal feed in his previous role managing the domestic Carrfields Grain & Seed. He also developed a natural curiosity about breeding and growing wheat & barley, which led him to create his own business – Cereals NZ Ltd with two award winning wheat varieties.

He started as the General Manager of Methven Advanced Feed in 2018, a specific toll formulation company that specialises in customised feed formulations for ruminant customers throughout the South Island.

A member of the NZFMA board since 2021, Craig believes animal feed quality, accreditation, traceability and accountability are essential for the dairy industry’s future.
“It’s clear in today’s political, environmental and financial climate that high quality consolidated animal feed is the way forward for the NZ dairy industry, and complementary feeding is the best way to drive production for dairy farmers,” he says.