John Clark

John Clark is the Mill Manager at the Farmlands Nutrition feed mill in Rolleston, Christchurch.

As a co-operative with a diverse range of business areas, Farmlands provides rural services and supplies to New Zealand farmers, including animal nutrition. The co-operative has two feedmills in Rolleston and Winton, and contract manufacturers in the North Island. Dairy is a major part of their market, as well as equine and lifestyle farming.

As the Farmlands Mill Manager in Rolleston, John is responsible for the production of high-quality feeds for a range of animals. After studying as a lab technician and then working as a production manager in various factories around New Zealand, he made the move to the animal feed industry in 2012 and hasn’t looked back.

A member of the NZFMA board since 2021, John aims to bring his interest in sustainability and reducing greenhouse gas emissions to support the agricultural sector to create sustainable solutions.

“We all want to be more efficient, cleaner and produce less waste, so it’s about being proactive and finding good solutions.”

He believes there is a lot the agricultural sector can do with in-depth industry knowledge to achieve the best result for the environment and a successful animal feed industry.