Tyler Stuthridge

Tyler Stuthridge, South Island Regional Manager at SealesWinslow, came to the feed mill business via engineering.

Tyler was born and bred in Ashburton and completed his training at local business, RX Plastics. He joined SealesWinslow in Ashburton as an engineer in May 2013. Three years later, he was offered the role as Operations Manager at the site and in 2017 became Regional Manager for the South Island before taking on his current national operations role.

“I enjoy what we do. Balancing nutritional needs of animals is quite rewarding, when the farmer gets a healthier animal and better returns from that animal,” says Tyler.

SealesWinslow is a leading compound ruminant feed manufacturer, offering a complete animal nutrition package to enhance the performance and wellbeing of pasture-fed animals and herds. SealesWinslow has a national footprint with two mills in the North Island and one in the South Island.

SealesWinslow produces a wide variety of products across their three mills – dairy, goat, deer, sheep and beef feed for commercial operations, as well as a range of products for lifestyle farmers. They also manufacture and import poured and dehydrated molasses lick blocks for cows, sheep and horses.

“As feed manufacturers, we do a lot of good things for animal welfare, and for the country by generating export dollars. At the NZFMA, we’re keen to change the way our industry is perceived and to ensure farming is sustainable into the future.”