Warren Morritt

Warren Morritt, Managing Director of the Intelact Group of Companies (which includes Nutrinza), had what can be called a “total immersion” in animal nutrition when he managed a zero-grazing dairy farm in Saudi Arabia with 4,000 head of cattle.

Warren grew up on a dairy farm near Thames and completed a B.Agr. degree at Massey University. His first job was the one in the Middle East. Three months after arriving there, the manager left and Warren got the position.

“There I saw how much cows can actually produce compared to an all-grass diet,” he says.

He stayed there for six years, before returning to New Zealand, fired up with the idea to promote the concept of supplementary feeds. He joined Intelact, who had a similar philosophy, as consultant. Eighteen months later, management bought out the company and Warren became General Manager.

As a side business, Intelact started a feeding company, Nutrinza, while the consultancy business became Headlands, with Intelact as the holding group.

His role in Nutrinza saw Warren join the NZFMA as representative of the North Island blender members.

“I see what we do as being about maintaining a high standard all around. For me, the reason for joining NZFMA was my belief in the Feedsafe programme. We must have standards for the feed industry that everyone should adhere to. That way, people know that the feed they buy is of good quality and their animals will do well as a result.”