What is the NZFMA?

The New Zealand Feed Manufacturers Association represents the interests of almost all the animal feed manufacturing companies in this country. Manufacturers and blenders of compound feeds, premixes and dietary supplements are among its member companies. The majority of feed is produced for the intensive livestock industries (poultry and pig), and a growing amount is also produced for the dairy and equine industries. A small amount of feed is also produced for animals such as dogs, emus, rabbits and fish.

New Zealand companies manufacturing and blending animal feeds may apply to the NZFMA for membership as either a Category A or Category B member depending on the annual tonnage of feed produced. Other companies or organisations which have an interest in the industry can apply for Associate Membership.

What does the NZFMA do?

The NZFMA promotes and protects the interests of members involved in the New Zealand animal feed manufacturing industry. The NZFMA represents its members through liaison with Government and Government Departments, securing full and proper representation on or before Boards, Committees and Commissions constituted under Acts or Regulations of the Government of New Zealand.

The NZFMA also works to establish industry standards for the production of compound feed that comply with all food safety requirements, and develops and administers industry Codes of Practice and internal audit documents such as Labelling Guides, Product Recall Templates, and members’ requirements under the Fair Trading Act. On behalf of its members the NZFMA also collects and circulates technical information and statistics, promotes research and development and industry training and facilitates discussion among members.