FeedSafe NZ

FeedSafeNZ is a programme designed to enhance the quality assurance of New Zealand-produced stockfeed, and to provide increased risk mitigation in the manufacturing and use of animal feeds. Click on the link below to find out if the company or brand you buy is Feedsafe.



FeedSafe NZ

FeedSafeNZ was introduced in 2015 to guarantee the quality of animal feed made in New Zealand. This quality programme is run by the New Zealand Feed Manufacturers Association (NZFMA).

FeedSafeNZ tests the ingredients and processes used by feed manufacturers. It includes an on-site audit of ingredients, plant, storage and operations. From this year, FeedSafeNZ also tests that any additives are what they claim to be.

FeedSafeNZ audits are carried out annually by AsureQuality, a company that provides food safety and bio-security services worldwide.

Only FeedSafeNZ accredited manufacturers may use the FeedSafeNZ logo on their packaging. The FeedSafeNZ mark assures farmers and animal owners that the feed they buy is made to the highest possible standard.

NZFMA Code of Good Manufacturing Practice

FeedSafeNZ requires feed manufacturers and blenders to meet minimum standards in relation to:

– General buildings and grounds
– New and existing plant design
– Lighting and ventilation
– Waste
– Sweepings
– Mill machinery
– Mill cleaning and sanitation
– Hygiene
– Water
– Non-grain ingredients
– Storage of finished goods (bulk and bagged)
– Record-keeping
– Complaints
– Control of labelling and packaging materials
– Feed ingredients
– Purchasing specifications and Salmonella
– Pest and vermin control
– Production control
– Staff Grain import systems.

To obtain FeedSafeNZ accreditation, stockfeed producers are required to undergo annual site audits, which are conducted by the independent third party auditor, AsureQuality. For more information about FeedSafeNZ, contact the New Zealand Feed Manufacturers Association on 09 520 4300 or [email protected]


Become a Member

The purpose of the NZFMA is to promote and protect the interests of the Industry.

New Zealand companies manufacturing and blending animal feeds may apply to the NZFMA for membership as either a Category A or Category B member depending on the annual tonnage of feed produced. Other companies or organisations which have an interest in the industry can apply for Associate Membership.