The NZFMA devotes approximately 20% of member-sourced funding to its industry training programme, reflecting the view that the feed industry offers an attractive career pathway.

The NZFMA, in cooperation with the Agriculture Industry Training Organisation (AgITO), has developed unit standards and qualifications for poultry, layer hen, pork and ruminant industry personnel.

For further information on these courses, please visit the PrimaryITO website at or phone 0800 242 343 to talk to a PrimaryITO Industry Advisor.

This course is designed to equip feed mill operators (including blenders) with practical and theoretical skills in stock feed manufacturing. This course is open to all Category A, B and Blender-approved NZFMA members. If you would like further information please contact the NZFMA Office.

The NZFMA also offers stand-alone training course on topic including nutrition, health and safety and pelleting and blending conducted by industry expert Trevor Scoones.